Fiber To The Premise FAQ



1.   Why is Wiatel building this new network?

There are many reasons that Wiatel is moving forward with the construction

of this new 100% fiber optic network. Some of these reasons are:


      • - The demand for more bandwidth and faster internet speed from our customers is growing exponentially. Customer use of online video, music and other multi-media content has exploded over the last few years. This trend is not predicted to slow down. In order for Wiatel to be able to provide the services our customers demand at the rates our customers expect, this network improvement must be undertaken.
      • - Government requirements regarding the provisioning of broadband services have increased and will continue to require Wiatel to invest in our network.
      • - The age of our existing copper network connecting most homes and businesses is at a point where costs to maintain this network component will become prohibitive. While this copper portion of our network has performed very well, its service life is coming to an end.

2.   How much will this project cost and how is Wiatel paying for it?

The cost of connecting every home, farm and business in our eight cooperative exchanges to a 100% fiber optic network is expected to cost approximately $25,000,000. Wiatel has been planning for this network upgrade for some time and has built up a significant amount of cash to assist with paying for a project of this size. This project will be paid for through a combination of cash and low interest debt.

3.   Will this project affect the payment of capital credits?

The Wiatel Board of Directors determines the amount of retained earnings to distribute to members in the form of capital credits each year. While Wiatel has distributed capital credits each year in recent history, there is never a guarantee that a distribution will be made. The overall financial health of the cooperative and the cooperative’s need for cash are considered as part of this overall decision making process each year. With this said it is our goal to continue the payment of capital credits to eligible members.

4.   What areas will be included as part of this project?

This fiber to the premise (FTTP) project will bring a state-of-the-art, 100% fiber network to the town and rural areas of Moville, Lawton, Bronson, Smithland, Hornick, Oto, Rodney, Climbing Hill, Holly Springs, Castana and Turin. Kingsley will not be included as part of this project as the cable modems used there for internet are capable of delivering speeds that will likely be offered on the new fiber optic network.

5.   When will I get fiber to my home, farm, or business location?

The construction schedule for this project is based on making the process as efficient as possible. As soon as the specifics of the project schedule are determined, Wiatel will communicate these details to our customers through a variety of outlets including social media, email and traditional media outlets. Please contact our office to provide us with your preferred email address, follow us on Facebook and visit our website, to ensure you have access to t he latest news regarding this project.

6.   What will the services be and how much will they cost?

Once this project is complete, Wiatel will be able to provide identical services to all of our cooperative members; regardless of where they live. These services will include world-class internet speeds, newly designed cable television products, telephone services, and a variety of other products and features not currently available from us. Specifics on these services and their pricing will be available soon. Wiatel will communicate these details to our customers through a variety of outlets including social

media, email and traditional media outlets. Please contact our office to provide us with your preferred email, follow us on Facebook, and visit our website to ensure you have access to the latest news regarding this project.

7.   How will the construction of this new network affect me?

Installing a new 100% fiber optic network to each of our members’ home, farm, or business requires the following:


      • - new fiber optic cable to be buried between the towns we serve
      • - new fiber optic cable to be buried to each customer location
      • - a new service termination box to be placed on each customer building
      • - devices inside each customer location to be disconnected from the existing copper network and reconnected to the new fiber optic network
      • - testing and qualifying the network and all of its components
      • - customers instructed on how to use the new services


This will result in construction equipment being used near customer streets, alleys and highways as well as in each customer’s yard. It will also require Wiatel service technicians or contractors to be in each customer home or business at some point during this project. You will be contacted when the project has reached your location and informed of the details regarding this work.

8.   Can I just keep using the current line running to my house if I want?

Once this fiber optic construction project has reached your location and the work at your site has been completed, Wiatel’s current copper network at your site will be shut off. Continuing to use the copper network that currently serves your property will no longer be possible at this point. Wiatel will contact customers in advance of this work in order to provide the smoothest transition to the new fiber optic network as possible. The best way to stay current with the status of this project is to contact us with your preferred email address, follow us on Facebook, or visit our website,