20 Mbps
- $99.95 per month


Fully powered for any internet tasks to do more at the same time and take the wait out of the web.

Great For:

  • Multiple user business offices or households
  • High volume email
  • Large file transfer
  • HD video conferencing
  • HD streaming media
  • Wireless modem / router included at no charge

Up to 20 Mbps download
1 Mbps upload


10 Mbps
- $59.95 per month


Lets you stream media and browse the internet on multiple devices at the same time

Great For:

  • Multiple Device / Multiple User households
    (tablets, computers, iPods)
  • HD movie & music streaming or downloading
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • File & photo access

Up to 10 Mbps download
512 Kbps upload


5 Mbps
- $49.95 per month


Fast reliable service to keep you connected across town or across the country.

Great For:

  • Music & SD video streaming & downloading
  • Social networking
  • Casual gaming
  • SD video chatting

Up to 5 Mbps download
512 Kbps upload



1.5 Mbps
- $39.95 per month


Our most affordable broadband.

Great For:

  • Basic email
  • Web browsing
  • Shopping

Up to 1.5 Mbps download
512 Kbps upload


Additional Options

Gaming Accelerator
- $4.95 per month

Improve latency by up to 20ms in each direction and say goodbye to live-action game lag. This optional feature available on packages 5Mbps and up.

Wireless Modem/Router
-$4.00 per month

Improperly configured routers slow your connection. Rent from us and we'll hook it up and configure it for you.

Mega Uploader
- $9.95 per Mbps/per month

Need the ability to upload more? Add on what you need up to 4Mbps. This optional feature available on packages 5Mpbs and up.

*All Services may not be available in all areas 

*Prices above reflect bundle services discount


** Recommended System Configurations **


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