Cable TV - August 24, 2016

Our digital platform conversion is complete.  This upgrade will enable you to receive every channel in brilliant, 100% digital quality.  As a part of this migration we have added 3 new channels including, RFD, WE and Oxygen at no additional charge.  

Please Run Channel Scans On All TV's not connected to a Digital Box or DTA. 

Cable TV- An Explanation Of Rates 

As any satellite or cable TV customer in the country is experiencing, the total cost we pay for television continues to increase at a rate much faster than inflation.  Why is this?  The reason can be summarized in a few primary issues.

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As a Wiatel Cable TV customer you can now watch many of your favorite networks Anytime, Anywhere.  

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WIATEL offers you the best entertainment programming with no contracts or installation fees. Connect with our cable and customize your package with digital, high-definition channels, movie channels, Pay-Per-View, and more!

Cable TV service is available in the towns of Bronson, Hornick, Lawton, Smithland, Rodney, Oto, Kingsley and Moville.