Computer Tune Ups

Everything needs a tune-up: cars, pianos- even your computer! Here are some simple tips to tune up you r PC to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. To help enhance security and performance, make sure your PC has the latest updates installed. If your computer seems to be starting up and/or running slow, uninstall any unused programs. Many unwanted programs run in the background, thus taking up disk space and memory. Keeping your antivirus up-to-date will give you the latest protection against virus, spyware, or malware threats.

Internet Speeds

Choosing the best internet speed for your individual needs has never been more important. Online streaming services like Netflix and Pandora give us access to an almost unlimited catalog of entertainment options. The use of streaming media services, combined with multiple connected devices found in most households puts an enormous demand on your internet needs. Our broadband packages have no usage limits and speeds to 20Mbps! Call or stop into the Solution Center today to find the best speed for your needs.

Parental Controls

Computers, tablets and smart phones provide easy access to the world of information found on the internet. However, some of this content may not be suitable for younger users. Limiting access to content that may be inappropriate for kids can be done on most devices. Most computers, tablets, and smart phones have parental access controls that allow you to provide a safe online experience for younger users while still having access to appropriate web content. Using these features on your connected device is easier than you think, so give it a try! If you have any questions or would like us to help you with this, stop in or call us today.

PC Setup

When buying a new computer from a big box store you usually have "bloatware", updates and antivirus to install. "Bloatware" increases start-up and shutdown times, increases background disk activity which promotes system lag, and greatly reduces battery life. Installing the latest updates can improve the security and performance of your computer. Pre-installed antivirus is typically a trial version and lasts from 60-90 days. You can use the trial version and renew the license with the same company for a fee or uninstall it and install your own favorite antivirus. Performing these three essential steps can greatly enhance the performance of your new computer.

Security Cameras

Internet connected security cameras let you keep an eye on your home or business anytime, from anywhere using a computer or smartphone. Security cameras not only deter unwanted activity, they can also allow you to review recorded footage and identify details at a later date. Web based security cameras come in many varieties. Finding the brand of camera that meets your specific needs is important. Do they require dedicated data wiring and power? do they have indoor and outdoor models? Are they infrared capable to record in the dark? Is the software easy to use? Is there a monthly fee to use the camera after they're installed? The Solution Center carries security cameras to meet most needs. Stop in or call today and let us show you how they work!

​CPNI Privacy Notice

From time to time Western Iowa Telephone changes its service offerings and makes available different features and services which may enhance those you already subscribe to. In order for us to determine which customers may benefit from the new services and enhancements, we will use the information about your account that is in our database, legally referred to as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). We DO NO sell or share this information with any other company outside of Western Iowa Telephone other than those required by law. You have the right to restrict our use of your CPNI data by calling our business office at 944-5711.

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