Internet Troubleshooting

Internet Issues

A lot plays into “internet issues.” It may not be the network or your speed, you may have internal issues within your home. If you have an old router, you may need to update it. Some houses and neighborhoods can have network interference that’s causing your network pain. Something as simple as adding mess unit(s) can help extend your WiFi connection. Wiatel rents mesh units for $4.00/mo. Don’t want the hassle of trying to figure it out your network, call the Solution Center, subscribe to our My Network Manager and we will do the diagnosis for you!

Take Inventory Of Devices

Make a list of all of the devices that you have and then think about how many could be connected at one time and start adding them up.

Something May Be Running In The Background

Background uploads and downloads can affect the bandwidth experience of your Internet connection. Most often software that automatically updates, anti-virus, operating systems (ie:Windows), uploading to the Cloud (ie: pictures and video) and updates to games or apps can cause issues. Most often these automatic updates can be turned off in the settings of the program or can be resent to update at a time when the internet is not in peak usage time. If you need assistance, the Solution Center is a great resource, 944-5711


Streaming video like Netflix, Apple TV, Roku, youtube etc. Each of these streaming applications use whatever broadband they can to display the best picture possible. With the introduction of 4K or UltraHD expect them to use up more of your bandwidth. Netflix recommends a 5 Mbps connection for each simultaneous stream.

Video Gaming Consoles

PS4, Xbox etc. are all using your bandwidth as well as your upload speeds. They connect not only when games are being played, but also to do game and console updates.

Smart Phones

Cell phones changed tremedously over the past few years. The introduction of smart phones has also introduced games, videos and camera features that use your bandwidth when you are at home and your data when you are not. Apps constantly require updating, most of the time it happens automatically. System back-ups can also eat up your bandwidth and happen anytime you are connected to your wi-fi network.

Webpages & Emails

Webpages & emails are no longer stagnent pages of text with the occasional image, they are fully interactive and animated beasts that are wonderful to the eye, but require your bandwidth to load properly. Videos load and play as you mearly scroll by them. Animated images appear asking if you need any assistance. Attention grabbers are everywhere, just look around...or wait for them to pop up.

Choosing Your Package

First, take a look at what you do on the internet. If you stream any video (Netflix, YouTube etc.) to be able to stream in HD, you will want a 5 Mbps connection for each device that will be simultaneously streaming.

How Many Devices Are Connected To Your Network?

Do you have any smart home devices such as thermostats, door locks, cameras, etc. that connect to your WiFi? Does anyone game in the family? How about tablets, smart phones and laptops? Wow, it’s easy to see how quickly connected devices can add up!

High Speed Internet or Fiber

If you are on our High Speed DSL or our Fiber network, either are just physical medium, or the pipe that connects you to the world. It isn’t a “speed.” There are different speeds available with each connection type.

In the past, many households have chosen the lowest speed plan with the cheapest rate, and for a lot of households that worked for years. With the amount of connected devices today, streaming HD and soon streaming 4K or Ultra HD - those days are over. Broadband is no longer a want, but is becoming a need.

Troubleshooting and Rebooting the modem

In the event that you lose connectivity, you may need to reboot the modem. The sequence in which you reboot is important:

  • Has the modem been moved? Our modems will only work to the one jack that was specified for the service.
  • Reboot the modem by unplugging the power cord-wait 20 seconds and reconnect the power. The DSL or “online” light will flash until the circuit links up.
  • When the DSL or “online” light is solid, the modem is connected to the network.
  • If you are using a router, disconnect the power-wait 20 seconds then reconnect the power and ethernet cord. It will take 3-5 minutes to connect back to the network, some lights will be solid and some should be flashing.
  • Restart your computer or wireless device and your
    connection should be restored.
  • If connection is not restored, or you continue to have issues please report a trouble to our office by calling 944-5711.

more info on modem

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I'm seeing two wifi networks with my network name, which should I choose?
2.4 vs. 5 GHz Wifi Connection

When connecting to your wifi network, you may see two different networks come up. One with just your name (this is the 2.4 connection) and one with your network name and 5G after it. What do those numbers mean and which one should you choose? 2.4 and 5 refer to two different “bands” that wifi can use for its signal.

Usually depicted with no number following the network name) Uses longer waves and is better suited for longer ranges and transmission through walls and solid objects in your home. Choose this network when you are using a device that will be moving around your house (cell phones, tablets, laptops etc), or when you are using a device that is a distance away from your Gigacenter.

(Usually depicted with 5G after the network name) Uses shorter waves, and therefore makes it less able to penetrate walls and solid objects. It is better for devices that are closer to the Gigacenter, as well as those that stay in one place and don’t move around your house. 5G may be a better option for smart tv’s or gaming systems that stay stationary in your home.

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