TV Troubleshooting

Solar interference

Twice a year, at the Spring and Fall Equinox, satellite sites in the Northern Hemisphere experience reception interruptions due to the transition of the sun. Reception interruptions span a period of about ten days as the sun aligns directly above the satellite and the antenna. This affects any channel received via satellite and causes a signal reception outage depending on which satellite the sun is aligned with at the time. The outages usually last less than 10 minutes.

For any Cable TV issues

including poor connection, missing channels, freezing or tiling make sure the connection on your tv and your cable box are tight and secure. If they are, try to unplug your cable set top box, leave off for about 20 seconds, and plug back in.  Let the system reboot.  If this does not resolve the issue, call our office, 944-5711, to report your trouble.  Calls are answered 24/7.