The Future is Now

We are excited to announce that Wiatel has launched a project to install fiber optic network components to every home, business and farm in the cooperative's service area. This fiber to the permises (FTTP) project will bring a state-of-the-art, 100% fiber network to the town and rural areas of Moville, Bronson, Smithland, Hornick, Oto, Rodney, Climbing Hill, Holly Springs, Castana and Turin. As a result of the project, every Wiatel customer will have access to amazingly fast internet speeds, digital cable tv, telephone services as well as a variety of other new and exciting services and features that will dramatically change the way our customers connect to the world.


How Will This Affect Me?

To connect you to this new network, the project requires a significant amount of engineering, construction to bury the new fiber optic cable to every customer location, and work at the customer home or business. As this project begins and progresses, you will likely see trucks and equipment as well as engineering and construction personnel around your towns, in your alleys, and around your homes. We will do our best to make this project as convenient for our customers as possible. Please be patient. We promise, it will be worth the wait!


Project Schedule And Planning

The core location of Wiatel's network is located within the town of Moville.  Because of this, all existing and future network components must connect to Moville.  This network architecture dictates the order of network construction for the towns we serve.  The project has been broken into three phases:

• Phase 1: Moville town and Moville rural areas

•Phase 2: Lawton, Bronson and Climbing Hill, town and rural areas

•Phase 3: Holly Springs, Hornick, Oto, Smithland, Castana, Rodney and Turin town and rural areas

Our goal is to have the project complete within 3 years.  This can happen if customers are responsive regarding project communications and participation.  Other factors such as weather, government regulatory processes and network component availability will also impact this goal.  

The best way to stay up-to-date on project progression and the construction schedule is to follow us on Facebook or here on the website. We will also send out email updates. Please call our office at 944-5711 to make sure we have your current email address.


Fiber Network Upgrades

There are so many great things that fiber can deliver. Get ready for some of the fastest internet speeds in the country! With fiber, world class internet access is no longer just for big cities. It will now be available to Wiatel customers, no matter where they live! More digital cable tv choices, access to cable tv programming from connected devices, and other features that will give you more choice, control, and convenience than ever before. We can't wait for you to see what Wiatel's fiber can do for your home or business!



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