What is Wiatel’s Fiber Network?

Ultra Fast – State of the Art – Reliable – Future Proof

Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses.  Glass-covered fiber cables can literally move data at the speed of light.  Data flows farther and faster than ever before.  Through fiber, Wiatel can power our internet, TV and phone services to all of our customer, town or rural.

Benefits of Wiatel’s Fiber Network

It’s Faster

Information flows faster thanks to the increased capacity of Fiber Optics. With fiber, world class internet access up to 1 Gig (1000Mbps) is no longer just for big cities!

With a 1 Gig connection, a single fiber optics cable running to a single home can carry 3,000,000 voice calls or 90,000 TV channels! That same connection can download an HD movie in approximately 7 seconds or download a song in approximately .03 seconds!

Speed Matters

The demand for more bandwidth and faster internet speed from Wiatel customers is growing exponentially. Use of online video streaming, music, gaming, and other multi-media content has exploded over the last few years, and the trend is not predicted to slow down. A fast internet connection is a requirement in today’s world. Let’s get you connected!

Secure Connection

Your information and services stay safe! It’s much easier for uninvited guests (hackers!) to tap into traditional cabling than fiber.

Increases your
Home Value

Studies show homes with a fiber connection increase by an average of 2.7%.

What to Expect


Wiatel has contracted Vantage Point as our Engineering Firm.  They will plan the most efficient way to bring fiber optics to your area as well as contact you directly by stopping by your home or business to go over proposed construction procedures.  Once path is approved, construction can begin



In an effort to keep all customers informed, Wiatel utilizes various communications avenues including mail, social media, phone calls, door hangers, newspaper, email and door to door visits.


Main fiber paths are marked (located) and lines are trenched or bored from your home to the utility easement where our fiber pedestal or vault is placed in your neighborhood.


Splicing teams will access each pedestal or vault to fuse the individual fiber from each  home to Wiatel’s main office in your exchange.  Fiber is tested to ensure a clean, continuous path for the light to travel to ensure a Gig capable connection.

When splicing and testing is complete, the cables are sealed in an air-tight splice case and coiled back in the vault, ready to be accessed for individual home/business installations.

Ready for Installation

When your area is ready for installation, you will receive a packet of information from Wiatel.  This package includes fiber package options and information as well as directions for scheduling your installation.

During installation, our cutover crews will bring a direct fiber connection into your home or business and connect it to our Gigacenter router.  We will test your wireless range, suggest wifi extenders if needed, walk you through the new cable TV system, test your phone line and ensure you are ready to fully enjoy your Wiatel fiber network.  If you ever have any questions or concerns with your service, please call us 24/7.  We want you to have the best experience possible.

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