Let your phone assist you in managing your life with the convenience of phone custom calling features.


Caller ID
- Cost: $4.00/month

Know who is calling before you answer the phone. With Caller ID the caller's name and number are displayed. To enjoy this service you need a display telephone or an add-on display unit. This equipment can be leased from Western Iowa Telephone for $1.00/month.

-How to use


Call Forwarding
- Cost: $1.00/month

Receive your calls even when you are away from home. With Call Forwarding the incoming calls to your phone number may be directed to another phone number where you will be spending time.

- Activate *72/Deactivate *73

- How to use


Call Forward Remote Access
- Cost: $1.00/month

Change your call forward from any touch-tone telephone. Call Forward Remote Access allows you to turn on, turn off, or change your forwarding number from any location.

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Three Way Calling
- Cost: $1.00/month

Add a third person to a telephone call. This service allows you to talk to two people in different places at the same time. All three people can be involved in the conversation.

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Selective Call Acceptance
- Cost: $1.00/month

Gives you control over which calls you'll take. When someone calls, when your service is turned ON, you'll receive calls only from those on your accepted list. Callers who are not on your list will simply hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time. (Ask a WIATEL customer service rep which activation code to use.)

- How to use


Automatic Callback
- Cost: $1.00/month

Don't let a busy line keep you busy. With Automatic Callback, if you get a busy signal just dial a special code and hang up. Your phone will redial the busy number for up to 30 minutes. A special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes free and will automatically place the call for you.

- Activate *66/Deactivate *86

- How to use


Customer Originated Trace
- No Charge

Track harassing callers through the phone company. When you receive a harassing call hang up and dial a special code. The number will be recorded at the telephone company. If you choose to follow up on the matter, the telephone company will provide that number to the authorities.

- Activate *57

- How to use


Caller ID on Call Waiting
- Cost: $1.00/month

Know who is calling when you hear the special Call Waiting tone when on the phone with another call. With Caller ID on Call Waiting you can view your display unit to determine if you would like to take the second call. To enjoy this service you must also purchase Caller ID and Call Waiting.


Call Forward Fixed Destination
- Cost: $1.25/month

Forward your calls to the same number all of the time. Call Forward Fixed Destination allows you to have the number you are forwarding to programmed into the switching equipment, making call forwarding quicker and easier.

- Activate *78/Deactivate *79


Selective Call Forwarding
- Cost: $1.00/month

Allow only the important calls to follow you. Selective call forwarding allows you to create a list of up to 31 numbers you would like forwarded to another phone number.

- Activate *63

- How to use


Speed Calling
(8 or 30 numbers)

- Cost: $1.00/month = 8#
- Cost: $3.00/month = 30#

Quickly dial your most frequently called numbers by using Speed Calling. This service stores the numbers in memory so they can be called by dialing a one digit (for 8 numbers) or two digit (for 30 numbers) code.

- How to use 8#
- How to use 30#


Teen Service
- Cost: $2.50/month

Don't answer calls that are not for you. Teen Service allows two telephone numbers to be assigned to a single line. Each number has its own distinctive ring indicating which number is being called. Not only for teenagers, but roommates, and home offices as well.

- How to use


Distinctive Ringing/ Call Waiting
- Cost: $1.00/month

Announce important callers with a special ring. You can create a VIP list of up to 31 numbers and if the call is from someone on your list you'll hear a special ring or tone. All other calls will have a normal ring or tone.

- Activate *61

- How to use


Caller ID Blocking
- Permanent - $1/month
- Per-Call - No Charge

Prevent your phone number from being displayed to the person receiving your call. Instead of displaying your phone number, a Private or Anonymous will be displayed. This can be a permanent or per-call service.

- Activate *67

- How to use(scroll down)


Call Forward Busy/ Call Forward Don't Answer
- Cost: $1.00/month

Forward your calls whether you are on the phone with another call or just can't answer. This service is great for forwarding to voice mail.

- Busy
Activate *90/Deactivate *91

- Don't Answer
Activate *92/Deactivate *93

- How to use


Call Waiting
- Cost: $1.00/month

Receive calls even when you are already on the phone. Call Waiting notifies you with a special tone that another caller is trying to get through. Depress the switch hook to connect the other call and put the first call on hold.

- Deactivate *70

- How to use


Selective Call Rejection
- Cost: $1.00/month

Block unwanted calls from disturbing you. Create a list of up to 31 numbers and let your phone know which numbers you do not want to answer. Callers on your rejection list will hear an announcement that your number is not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual.

- How to use


Automatic Recall
- Cost: $1.00/month

Return a call you could not reach to answer in time. Just dial a simple code and your phone will announce the phone number of the last unanswered call and will redial that number if prompted.

- Activate *69

- How to use


Anonymous Call Rejection
- No Charge For Subscribers of Caller ID

Refuse calls from those who have blocked their numbers. When this service is on any callers who have blocked their number from being displayed on a Caller ID display will hear an announcement that you do not accept anonymous calls.

- Activate *77/Deactivate *87

- How to use (Scroll Down)